Thursday, September 19, 2013


We are merging the art and the music in a new space in Lancaster.

A former boxing gym on Tobacco Alley is a warehouse with space for my studio, Rick's music, art, and retail.  It is a performance space, but not a bar.  It takes the aspects of 141 that were the most rewarding and introduces them in the new Tobacco Arts District to come.  We have great neighbors who are opening a gallery and studio space for a new vibrant collective.

We had hoped to have a raw opening event for Facebook friends and their friends but in light of the tragedy at Rick's place of work in DC, The Navy Yard we are postponing it until further notice.  We look forward to hosting performances, and art openings.  In the mean time, we will be working on the space, and transitioning from Arlington to Lancaster.

Art Updates will be posted here as we transition to the verge blogspot.

Music Updates: will give updates as things develop.

And the Buchanan Bond House project is moving forward.  Summer events there are closer to being realized every day.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Move, New Offerings and information on reopening

Many Thanks to all who have been part of the Gallery 141 venture of ten years, hundreds of artist collaborations, tens of thousands of visitors and two locations. Bringing art to Lancaster, and working with such wonderful people has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.  Here is a look at our next home which has been in the planning ever since a year after we opened in the Duke Street Location.  We can't think of a nicer person and more wonderful artist than Christiane David, who bought the 113 Water/112 Prince St. Building and will be moving her clothing store into our old space.  Thanksgiving weekend we moved our things to storage, and will work with the Buchanan Park Association to do the necessary repairs to get the Inkling INSTITUTE up and running.  This new venture of 141 will still host First Friday and Artwalk Weekend events, exhibitions and music and dance events.  AND as Inkling INSTITUTE it will also be a studio space for me, training ground for interns and aspiring artists, and SUMMER camps and College Student and Adult Education classes. Take a look at blog: to see the programs in action in the DC area. As Rick's retirement is on the horizon moving these classes and community creative adventures to Lancaster comes nearer to fruition.  Just as the Yurt at Glen Echo Park, took a few years to ramp up to a full schedule, we expect the same with this space.  We will participate in the Buchanan Park Festivals, and hold some pre-grand opening events on the grounds and will post them here and on Facebook for Alana, and for the Gallery as they are planned.  We look forward to seeing you at our new home and Fall of 2012 looks to be a POSSIBLE date that the renovations may be completed. 
Artist-in-Residency and Summer Camps
Buchanan Park Race Avenue, Behind Franklin and Marshall College

This little building originally sat on the Lancaster Square, and housed volunteers selling war bonds for WWI and WWII.  It was moved to Buchanan Park and for a few years hosted summer camps and social dances.  By the 70's it just held the Reynolds Football Team's equipment as a storage space.  The joint effort to restore the camp to being an arts center has been going on since 2002, and the lead abatement paint job and some other building repairs and upgrades are left before we can open doors.  If you have any ideas for companies that may be interested in offering special rates in exchange for promotional advertising, we would be grateful for those contacts.  It resembles Independence hall because it was built to be in miniature version of the Lancaster Courthouse, which was a scaled down version of Independence Hall.  Many people do not know, that the Lancaster Court House was for one day, the nations capitol, when a Revolutionary War battle came too close to Philadelphia.  The Declaration of Indpendence and other founding documents were rushed to Lancaster by carriage and hid there for safekeeping.  So it is extra fitting that our calligraphy, and  manuscript making with be taking place in this historic building.   

Thursday, October 20, 2011

East Meets West

From Oct- Nov. 2011, a mother daughter show is being hosted at Gallery 141.  Regina Barker- Barzel escaped from the USSR in 1972, and even though she has never gone back, her life experience of her youth shows through her paintings.  There is a Slavic touch even in her Western European landscapes.   Her daughter Veronica Barker- Barzel was born in DC, grew up in Europe and spent three years in Japan.  Her degree was in English literature from UMUC.  Mythological creatures will pop up in her urban style paintings.  Veronica Barker- Barzel and Ried(another visiting artist) will be at the gallery for music Fri. and First Fri.  Come see us!  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving soon!

Our Last date at the 113 N Water Street address will be the last day of November.  We will be relocating to the little building on Race Street in Buchanan park that looks like Independence Hall.  Our earliest reopening date will be Spring 2012.  In the mean time, the vintage will be appearing at a local soon to open consignment shop...more details soon.  Our beads and jewelry will be at Burning Bridge in Columbia PA, more details soon on that as well.  And Alana's origami cards will be finding a new home as well soon.  So don't worry, we will still be active even in the interim before we reopen.  The new location will be called Inkling Institute!

Music Friday and First Friday events will be held there as we get up and rolling.  IN THE MEAN TIME October Music Friday, November First and Music Friday will still be held at our 113 North Water Street location!  JOIN US for some great times in our space.

Christiane, the new owner of our building will be moving her clothing business into our space.  Indigo blues may continute with her there, though the details there are still being ironed out.  (no pun intended :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ben Rothermel performs at Gallery 141's August First Friday 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dave Seyfried -artist in residence for August and September

Dave Seyfried is a resident of Lancaster city. He is an accomplished musician/singer and artist who has been working downtown and showing in galleries since 2001.

His story is one of survival and perseverance. He suffered life-altering injuries from a car accident in the spring of 1997. In that crash he flatlined for two and a half minutes, and even after he was resucitated he remained in a coma for two weeks. He had to learn to speak and walk again but also lost the use of his left hand,which was his dominant.

Though it was difficult, Dave through allot of "prayer and determination" has relearned to draw even better than before with his oposite hand. He has had far more work and showings post-accident.

"It's very difficult to take my art and music for granted now, I want to live everyday in a state of thanks"

Dave's subject matter varies from simple absurd and humorous characters, to iconic looking drawings that smack of 19th century woodcuts, to photo realistic and photo-surrealistic portraits.

He's also authored a graphic novel called "Ghastly Maytown" about an outbreak of sailboat-headed zombies in nearby Maytown,PA, drawn the familiar image of Lancaster's Steve Murray in front of his famous Zap&Co. vintage shop that is featured on a shirt sold downtown at various occasions, he also created the logo for "Senorita Burrita" on Prince St., and once created toy-sets for the K'nex toy company.

Dave's show consists of an exciting collection of originals and prints that are sure to please and are reasonably priced.Wait'll you see the giant framed piece of Dave depicted life-size as a version of Gulliver from Gulliver's Travels. breath-taking

Dave's second phase of his two month show begins Friday night at 5pm and goes till 10pm. Come early to meet Dave's dad Jim. Dave's band will play around 7pm (You Are The Research) with guests, including roommate Missy who's also a frequent subject of his drawings (come see the stunning piece of Missy in Penn Square Lancaster)

Dave will draw your caricature for 5 dollars that night, and his cd (Monarch) will be available for 10 dollars.
See you in September!

                                  - reviewer C. Carl Grifhoe

"can't wait to meet you" -Dave