Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Richard Kaufman September Show

Pine, Eagles and Sea of Clouds 

(left to right): Whooping Cranes Flying Home, Fluttering Above Chrysanthemums, Mountain Stream Tumbling Over Rocks

(left to right): Cold Song of Blue Bird in Plum Tree, Pensive Bird and Chrysanthemums, Lotus Garden-Kingfisher Looking Down 

(left to right): Kingfishers Under a Lotus Leaf, Kingfisher in a Lotus Garden, Egret Family in Willow Tree 

(left to right): Lotus Garden-Egret Looking Up, Playing Under the Chrysanthemums, Bed Time for Whooping Cranes

(left to right): Pine Over Valley Stream, Clouds and Cranes Reach for the Sky, Sparrows on Snowy Bamboo

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Co-Founder Stephen Hay's show in Frederick MD.

Scroll down to next post for info on Third Friday September Listening Room Show info and Featured Artist Richard Kauffman's Chinese brush paintings now showing with Carolynn Tuckers paintings thru Sept.
COMING SOON! Kaylin Kostrey and Ben Deluca New work October thur December.

NOW~Steve's SHOW! Some of these paintings are commissions and sold. Some are available to purchase. Contact Steve at Dougaldog@aol.com for price inquiries. The day I got there to see his show the gallery was set up for a wedding which was taking place in another part of the building.
this piece reminds me of Lancaster...
WInter sunset
Cherry blossoms!
Detail of the eight or ten foot piece of the park in San Francisco. This piece is stunning!

Montreal Street scene with horse and buggy.

The enourmous San Francisco skyline piece. This commission is sold. I wonder if Steve would make prints of it!

to the right is the a night scene of a busker in times square.

Spires at night.
Washington Monument and night scene in Frederick.

POSTED BELOW THIS: FEATURED ARTIST RICHARD KAUFFMAN~BOTANICALS IN CHINESE BRUSH PAINTING...THRU SEPTEMBER. SPECIAL MUSIC fRIDAY EVENT~ Listening room featuring Dave Lefever, performance and hosting by Jason Mundok. 8-10 with seating. Suggested Donation given to musicians.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Richard Kaufman - September's Featured Artist

Cold Song of the Blue Bird in Plum Tree Ink and Watercolors on Rice Paper $500

Playing Under Chrysanthemums Ink and Watercolors on Rice Paper $475

 Sparrows on Snowy Bamboo Ink and Watercolors on Rice Paper $525

Richard Kaufman Artist Statement
In my paintings, I combine the precepts and techniques of East Asian brush painting, referred to in Japan as sumi-e, and Western art. Making a modest contribution to the bridging of East and West cultures in this medium is one of my goals. 

I use "rice" papers, of which there are many types, brushes with natural fibers, Chinese and Japanese inks, and watercolors to depict scenes from the natural world. Chinese calligraphy in seals or "chops" and in writing is used in this kind of painting for several reasons. In addition to the meaning of the characters and their poetic expression, calligraphy itself is an abstract art.

Although there is an eastern aura in my work, my subjects are mostly North American and drawn from my personal experience.

My ultimate goal is not so much exact representation as to capture the mood energy and life force of my subjects. In addition to their uniqueness and personality, I strive to show the harmony and beauty of all things in nature. 

I am a member of the board of directors of the Sumi-e Society of America.