Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Additional Days for Rachel Chambers

Hey all,
I am in the gallery for some additional days, February 18th and 25th. I will be traveling in New Hampshire to see Sharon Arts Center and some other schools up there, so these days will make up for the ones that I will be absent. In any case, stop by and see the February show.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Check out this video of JC performing at February First Friday

JC Fetlock is one of my favorite musicians and for that matter writer, and artists as well. He is a great friend of 141 and in '06 held an exhibition at the gallery of his beautiful hand-carved and painted walking sticks, each one custom made, incorporating the story and chakra positions of those for whom they are created. He also wrote and published a book Flicker, and his many artistic endeavors all incorporate his love of nature, humanity and spirit. The latest are his hand-printed, colorful "love bomb" tee shirts sold out well before valentines day. He brands his artistic endeavors under the universally conscious phrase, Made on earth. He was OFF the charts that evening with a performance that layered his many instruments and voice. See and hear more JC and communicate with him about his artistic process at his myspace JCFetlock@myspace.com . This 7 minute video shows him seemlessly moving from Rock, to Jazz, to Mozart, and then on mandolin, and folk music. Generously recorded for us by a friend of the gallery. Thanks to both! ---Alana

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February AND March First Fridays April is JUST arund the corner. We think the groundhog is full of baloney. SPRING is coming early this year.

"Against the Grain"
Rachel Chambers, Sculpture, textiles and paintings...and her green jewery line
Jenny Singer paintings on wood and paper
Evan Germann exotic fused wood scupted items...wearable, for the home and more

Handmade valentines:
Ooppsies by Kate Anderson, Millersville University
Alana's Origami cards: five new designs for Valentines
Special deals on unpackaged cards save more than fifty percent off full packaged price!

Hearts of many different varieties from Kristie Lou Brigham
Her wire wrap designs will steal yours away.
Feb JC Rocks the house FF MF will be captains of compliments, acoustic jam

JUST ANNOUNCED...April will be pajama First Friday at 141. Come in your pajamas and get a free gift. If you sleep naked be sure to come in a trench coat so you don't get arrested before you arrive! Live battle of the bands F and M and Millersville. ARTWALK weekend will be the third weekend in APRIL. we will have live tunes back to back all day both days.
March...more LIVE tunes to come