Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Move, New Offerings and information on reopening

Many Thanks to all who have been part of the Gallery 141 venture of ten years, hundreds of artist collaborations, tens of thousands of visitors and two locations. Bringing art to Lancaster, and working with such wonderful people has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.  Here is a look at our next home which has been in the planning ever since a year after we opened in the Duke Street Location.  We can't think of a nicer person and more wonderful artist than Christiane David, who bought the 113 Water/112 Prince St. Building and will be moving her clothing store into our old space.  Thanksgiving weekend we moved our things to storage, and will work with the Buchanan Park Association to do the necessary repairs to get the Inkling INSTITUTE up and running.  This new venture of 141 will still host First Friday and Artwalk Weekend events, exhibitions and music and dance events.  AND as Inkling INSTITUTE it will also be a studio space for me, training ground for interns and aspiring artists, and SUMMER camps and College Student and Adult Education classes. Take a look at blog: to see the programs in action in the DC area. As Rick's retirement is on the horizon moving these classes and community creative adventures to Lancaster comes nearer to fruition.  Just as the Yurt at Glen Echo Park, took a few years to ramp up to a full schedule, we expect the same with this space.  We will participate in the Buchanan Park Festivals, and hold some pre-grand opening events on the grounds and will post them here and on Facebook for Alana, and for the Gallery as they are planned.  We look forward to seeing you at our new home and Fall of 2012 looks to be a POSSIBLE date that the renovations may be completed. 
Artist-in-Residency and Summer Camps
Buchanan Park Race Avenue, Behind Franklin and Marshall College

This little building originally sat on the Lancaster Square, and housed volunteers selling war bonds for WWI and WWII.  It was moved to Buchanan Park and for a few years hosted summer camps and social dances.  By the 70's it just held the Reynolds Football Team's equipment as a storage space.  The joint effort to restore the camp to being an arts center has been going on since 2002, and the lead abatement paint job and some other building repairs and upgrades are left before we can open doors.  If you have any ideas for companies that may be interested in offering special rates in exchange for promotional advertising, we would be grateful for those contacts.  It resembles Independence hall because it was built to be in miniature version of the Lancaster Courthouse, which was a scaled down version of Independence Hall.  Many people do not know, that the Lancaster Court House was for one day, the nations capitol, when a Revolutionary War battle came too close to Philadelphia.  The Declaration of Indpendence and other founding documents were rushed to Lancaster by carriage and hid there for safekeeping.  So it is extra fitting that our calligraphy, and  manuscript making with be taking place in this historic building.