Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beautiful weather!!

Hello everyone! We are finally having the wonderful "Spring" weather we deserve after our mini monsoon season. And with this, comes a new garden in our patio area. I will be outside the gallery today working under the tree, fighting the ivy, and finding new homes for plants that I am transplanting from my own back yard.

Be sure to stop by and see the progress - I'm hoping this summer's garden will be filled with flowers, music, and good people!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Carolynn S.Tucker

Duality, Torn_acrylic on panel_24x24_2009........$200

Gallery 141's latest featured artist is Carolynn S. Tucker. She is a graduate of Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD with her Bachelor's Degree in 2-D Studio Art. Tucker grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and has fairly recently moved to Lancaster County. Her debut show is titled, "Rough Around the Edges". It is a mixture of acrylic paintings on wood and pencil drawings. The subject matter is very whimsical and colorful. Big, bold eyes are the focal point on the faces of the wooden stars. Carolynn says, " The work really touches on my emotions and expression. I use my art as a way to 'overcome negativity' in my life and vent my feelings. I hope that each individual can get something from these works. This is my dream, for my art to be shared and to even possibly INSPIRE others".
First Friday 5/1/09 was the grand opening.
In case you missed it, please join us on Music Friday
May 15th, 2009

Darkest Hour_acrylic on wood_2009......$100

To view the entire show please go to http://www.carolynntucker.blogspot.com/

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May First Friday

Hello everyone!
It's Kerri again from Beadworks by Kerri. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Just wanted to stress that anyone who missed May's First Friday missed out on a very good time. The Big Dirty provided music and they were fantastic. A very improvisational jazz band. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of them at future Gallery 141 events. We also had a delicious batch of chili made by Randy which was enjoyed by all those who were lucky enough to get some. And, of course, a sampling of different wines brought by participating artists. Carolynn, the gallery's newest addition started her exhibit with some very beautiful and sensual artwork.
Mark your calendars for Music Friday, May 16th and come join the fun!!