Monday, August 4, 2008


James Dupree mixed media work+ a visit from the artist+
Jeremy Sayer music+ high humidity and no air conditioning+ a great turn out= a great, hot night!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Helmuth Humphrey, October 07 featured artist, called with news that the video he made of Kate McDevitt, our yoga guru girl, doing her Boutoh dance at his First Friday is now up on the website. It is called Subconscious Soul and can be found in the Floating Worlds area. It is worth checking out and really quite beautiful. Two DVDs of Helmuths work also on Joost, and archival quality matted prints of stills are displayed in the gallery for sale.

Suzanne Brindamour is working to organize the footage from the pilot shot at the July 18 Music Friday to be our video offering this October First Friday. We love to feature film events in the fall so tell your filmaker friends there is an opportunity to show their work to a large crowd at 141. There will be some more footage from another documentary by the producer. We will give you more info on this as it develops. We hear that the event was covered by the Lancaster Paper Happenings section after the 18th. We are still seeking a copy of this coverage for our archive of media and to share with Suzanne. Can you help? We are offering a free pen for every copy you can give us! Choose from our Live Your Dream pens and our new blog pens handed out at the August First Friday.

First Friday Jewelry by Egyptian artist Fatma

A dear friend and in a way, a founder of 141 made this series of short videos as a gift to us when we shared that we wanted Fatma Soleman and her friends and family in Egypt to be able see her work and her opening reception in action. Jeremy Sayer and The Wounded Allies perform.

This is actually July's First Friday (versus the August First Friday that just happened-
We will have a short post on August FF soon.) Both months featured musician Jeremy Sayer with friends and Philadelphia artist James Dupree ( )