Thursday, October 16, 2008

BIG Weekend at the gallery kicks off Music Friday

MUSIC FRIDAY...6-7pm Bill McConnely, 7-8 JC Fetlock and 8-9 Tristan Chord. We are making our first attempt at creating a real listening room environment for musicians. We are still very much there to serve our customers, we just want to do everything we can with this new Music Friday opportunity to give musicians what the crave, a space to be really heard and perform. The show will be indoors unless the musicians choose to be outside and either way we will have seating for guests. So come on down and support your local musicians. If not Friday, then
ARTWALK...Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5. You will find music, outdoor vendors including beautiful Jewelry by both Kristie and a new artist Barbara Giles will blow you away, art activites including tie dye your own items with us, and Ben and Kaylin on hand to show you brand new work and their show which is selling well, so don't miss your chance to own some of their beautiful work! We are expecting perfect fall weather!
Artwalk music schedule so far...
Saturday, Bill again at 1pm, Todd Fausnat at 3pm (we are hoping Rick my hubbie will play both days) Sunday, Frank Amanzee 2pm, Tristan chord 3pm, Dave and Wendy 4pm
More scheduling happening in the next few days. Our goal is to have music for the entire event!
Dance and movement---we continue to support our 141 artists in their performances at this event...DON'T MISS Alicia Petricio of Alicia's Massage and Jaques Abreau who will both be performing with their dance troupes up at the square for Artwalk. We will have one of Jacques pieces up in the gallery for Artwalk.

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