Monday, August 23, 2010

Julien-G a french visual artist in Lancaster!


King Kong and lipstick, acrylic and blockprint on paper, 2010.

Julien Guibreteau, aka "Julien G", is an emerging french artist, whom work takes up miscellanious techniques to embody a univers made of humor and metaphysics... Conceived as series, his artwork associates unlikely matching patterns, humoristic and meaningfull combinations. Within abstraction and narration, comics and pictorial matters.

Started in august, the show goes on until end of september at gallery 141.

Rembrandt and miror, acrylic and pencil on japanese paper, 2010.

You may have missed your chance to meet the artist (who came back to France) but don't miss the chance to encounter his work in person.

Enter the depth, collage, 2010.

Article about the show in the Lancaster New Era:

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