Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cutting Edge New Artist Loryn Spangler-Jones UNFOLDING March First Friday Reception

Mixed media Artist and Poet,  Loryn Spangler-Jones brings us with her, articulating her meaningful and explosive journey of discovery and growth.  Her show brings us together in that place where souls meet.  The varied paintings blend, stitch, layer and reveal.  The poetry is frank and by grasping the hurdles that stand in her way, she reaches out, pulling herself and us into a new landscape where movement is unrestricted and free.  She pauses between lines, as if to invite us to insert our thoughts and desires into that space she creates. In her case, mixed media not only refers to her array of processes and materials she combines to relay her discoveries in her art.   Loryn is a You Tube phenomenon... her deft productions invite us into her studio, into her process, inviting us to access our own creative impulses, and to become a part of her own.  Video will be in integral part of her show, along with her paintings, small works and trading cards.  This month it will be accompanied by her poetry journal, an impressive art book.  As the first three months of her UNFOLDING progress, she will conduct readings and a workshop on creating an art journal of your own!  She will be the premier Poet to launch the Poetry Booth in the old phone booth of Lancaster Dispensing Company.  We are privileged to share in the emergence of this prolific and inspiring artist.

this Heart of Mine


the Butterfly Effect: a series

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JoannaF129 said...

We can't wait to see your work...we are so proud of you for going after your dream...we are so much better for knowing you.
Love you,
Beth and Joanna