Monday, March 14, 2011

Music Friday eve 8 pm listening room with Bread for Ducks. And Indigo blues fundraiser!

The youtube link, is for checking out ljones, featured artist, Loryn's postings.  My favorite is for your
consideration...mesmerizing and inspiring footage.  This triptych, on smaller canvas boards are the final pieces from this film.

Loryn will be featuring new work this coming month, as she will each month, and new poetry and WORKSHOPs in Artistic Journal Creating!
Art Journal

Email for info or to register online for her classes.

Don't miss Kara Newhouse's poignant photography of Palestine before it shifts to another of her shows that document her work for peace and justice and global citizenship.  SEE PHOTOS just below this update post.

Coming to the Listening Room soon, Bread for Ducks, in the manner of The Moldy Peaches,  is so full of heart and authentic, I am sure their loyal following will continue to grow.  I am really hoping our dear beloved video volunteer will come this week to post them on the website for posterity.  They make me smile, and I am always reminded of some very important little particle in the heart we can sometimes forget, if you know what I mean, when I see them play.

We have invited Kristie Lou Brigham to bring some clay or any items she is willing to bring out for us...we will be so happy to see her new work and her too! whenever she is able to come out.  She is  a good blog poster so she may give us some notice or just surprise us when the mood hits and opportunity allows.

COMING SOON!  Jessica Marchuck, Metalsmithing of Jewelry and Felting of bags.  Beautiful!

After four years and many setbacks our persistance is finally looking like it will carry Rick and I through this house project in Arlington.  If any interest shows we are nearing completion at long last!  The flying house refers to that we had Scott Paden's design built in a factory, then craned in in six sturdy parts to form the two and half story structure.  THAT was the easy part.  What came after has been quite a challenge.

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