Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meet Gallery 141 Artist :Kristie-Lou Brigham

Kristie-Lou Brigham is a full time jewelry artist who recently relocated to Lancaster, PA. She is a graduate of the State University of NY, with a BS in Health Service Administration. Kristie-Lou is a self taught wire jewelry artist who has developed many of her own techniques & jewelry designs that are 100% handcrafted. They do not require the use of high-tech or dangerous tools or glues—all of her pieces are crafted with the skill of her hands and a few simple tools (ruler, pliers, & wire cutters).

Kristie worked in healthcare for 12 years before she discovered her calling as a jewelry artist. She embarked on a full time career in wire sculpture in 2005 as Sculpted Windows Jewelry. She has won several awards for her designs and they have been featured in Wire Jewelry Magazine-Summer 2007, Rings ’n Things Catalog 2007, and Fire Mountain Gems Catalog 2007-8. She specializes in wire wrapping, weaving, and sculpting and she enjoys traveling far-and-wide to find new crystal, gems, and stones to wrap. All of her jewelry is one-of-a-kind and features hand selected focal-pieces.

"I have treasured natural crystals, rocks, & gems as long as I can remember. I love organic gems, pieces that have not been altered to department store perfection, seeing stones in their natural crystalline state is breathtaking. When I discovered a way to create jewelry without the need for torches, solder, glue, or high-tech equipment, I was hooked. My passion is creating delicate appearing jewelry that is amazingly durable and leaves people baffled when they hear it has been HAND-made! And, once I start talking about the stones that inspired a particular design... I have a hard time stopping."

To get to know Kristie and see the inspiration behind many of her creations be sure to visit her blog about her Wire Wrapped Jewelry. Kristie also sells her jewelry online in her ebay store Sculpted Windows Jewelry.

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