Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Richard Kaufman September Show

Pine, Eagles and Sea of Clouds 

(left to right): Whooping Cranes Flying Home, Fluttering Above Chrysanthemums, Mountain Stream Tumbling Over Rocks

(left to right): Cold Song of Blue Bird in Plum Tree, Pensive Bird and Chrysanthemums, Lotus Garden-Kingfisher Looking Down 

(left to right): Kingfishers Under a Lotus Leaf, Kingfisher in a Lotus Garden, Egret Family in Willow Tree 

(left to right): Lotus Garden-Egret Looking Up, Playing Under the Chrysanthemums, Bed Time for Whooping Cranes

(left to right): Pine Over Valley Stream, Clouds and Cranes Reach for the Sky, Sparrows on Snowy Bamboo

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